How effective are birth control pills?

The most popular form of birth control used today are oral contraceptives. More than 100 million women use these pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The effectiveness of these pills, however, is still questioned by many. It can be said that is these pills are used properly, they are very effective in preventing pregnancies after unprotected sexual intercourse.

These pills are very handy when used for family planning. It is important for women to know how these pills work and how effective they work before using them.
Are birth control pills effective?

Yes, these pills are very effective, only when used in the right manner. And their effectiveness depends on how you use them. Basically, there are three different types of contraceptive pills:

  • Combination pills
  • Progestin-only pills
  • Emergency pills

As you would rightly think that “emergency pills” need to be taken during an emergency, but some women use them each time after they have sex, which is very dangerous. Only take them during an emergency, like when you have forgotten to use a condom or any other form of contraception and you do not want to get pregnant.

Some pills that contain only progestin are less effective. Combination pills, which contain synthetic forms of naturally occurring female hormones progesterone and oestrogen, are the most effective when it comes to preventing a pregnancy. Also, the side effects of these pills are less. Micronor and Marvelon are two very effective contraceptive pills used by women. You can buy these contraceptive pills online in the UK from a reputed online clinic.